"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Monday, August 16, 2010

If The Men Of The 1700's Were Alive Today

What would they do?

We have a government which has conspired with the environmental movement to prevent the expansion of nuclear energy sources. That same combination is conspiring to prevent the expansion oil exploration. Their plan would "necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket". Yeah, remember the little "o" told us that, but we either weren't listening or weren't hearing. Or maybe we thought it was just a joke. After all, what candidate running for President, who was also in his/her right mind, would actually say that and mean it?

We have a government who refuses, and has refused for decades, to secure our borders. We now face a drug cartel challenge bringing thousands of pounds of drugs into the country weekly. We also face the grave possibility that those same borders will allow Hezbollah members to enter the US with little impunity - working their way through Central America from Columbia. And American citizens are being killed down there.

We are embroiled in a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and may soon be involved in a war in the Middle East. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have purchased new fighter jets in the past month. Iran is on the brink of nuclear capability and has articulated their desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, and other countries will also jump on board when the crisis there hits. And then we'll be sucked in.

And then there's North Korea. Biding their time, they will strike at us when they think we are vulnerable enough. A country can’t fight wars on so many fronts, including within our own borders, all at the same time, and not be torn apart. The financial impact alone is astronomical. The impact to lives will be astronomical. The impact to our culture and our standing in the world will be astronomical.

We have a government that has fostered, and now promotes, class and race envy/war. This will undoubtedly lead to civil unrest. There is little chance of that not occurring. And when that happens, and the borders are still open, what an opportunity for anyone wanting to attack us from the south. That may not look like a "conventional war", but it will be a war none-the-less.

We have radical islamists building mosques all across America - and in some cases gated compounds on which no one is allowed, even law enforcement. What do you think that is for? Do you see the possibility of a threat there?

The plan the progressives are following, those same progressives who have hated America since the 60's, is all falling into place. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, and Jeff Jones among others outline the last piece of the puzzle in the paper “You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows”. That paper states "US Imperialism is stronger, but also more vulnerable, than any other imperialism of the past. It sets itself against the people of the whole world, including the people of the United States. It’s human, military, material and financial resources are far from sufficient for the realization of its ambition of domination over the whole world. US Imperialism has further weakened itself by occupying so many places in the world, overreaching itself, stretching its fingers out wide and dispersing its strength, with its rear so far away and its supply lines so long." That was in the '60's. We are stretched much thinner now, and getting stretched thinner all the time. Deliberate?  One could certainly come to that conclusion with ease. Our financial position is nowhere near what it was in the '60's in terms of buying power and debt. Deliberate? Our military in the '60's was stretched thin, but we are thinner still today - and possibly getting thinner in the very near future. Deliberate? And the "human" element is more fractured today than at anytime in our history, save for possibly the Revolution and the Civil War - certainly more so than at any time in my lifetime. Deliberate? It would certainly seem so.

So at what point would men of the 1700's recognize the plight they were in and act? Granted they would not do so without great deliberation and discussion, and without a plan for success. But they did act without a plan for governance - so maybe they weren't all that deliberate after all.

There comes a historical point where the masses revolt against the tyranny - real or perceived - of the government(s) controlling them. People instinctively know when the government is no longer tolerable, when the government is oppressing them. Throughout history that has always involved oppressed peoples who were oppressed for generations, even centuries; it was cultural. With us it is different. We haven't known oppression or tyranny for generations - we grew out of a free people culture. So perhaps that explains why we don't recognize our present situation for what it is - an elite ruling class oppressing the masses in many, many small (and some not so small) ways.

I believe we will act at some point. My fear is that it will not be soon enough to prevent the destruction and imminent demise of our culture and our greatness. Our current government has us on a collision course with destiny. The only way I see for this to slow down is to elect strict constitutionalists to government for decades - thus repealing progressive laws, replacing progressive judges, and restoring a moral and ethical code for America to follow, restoring the balance of power among the the branches of government. The possibility of that becoming a reality is nearly non-existent. So what does that leave us with? Should we even waste our time fighting the inevitable? Is it inevitable? All other great cultures, great dynasties, have ended. What makes us think ours will be any different? Did people from those cultures realize it was happening? Did they do anything to try to slow the progress of their decline? Or were they as ignorant as it appears so many Americans are?

It appears I'm not much help. I seem to have more questions than anwsers. But I do think the next fifteen to twenty years will tell the tale - maybe less time than that. I suspect that we will be well aware of our standing in the world, and our standing in history by 2025 to 2030. God be kind to us! And people? Pray!

Outrage Over What Is Happening To America, And Sadness For Her, Color My Days...


  1. What an excellent thought provoking and inspirational post! Yes, we need to pray for our nation and continue to be active in our efforts in returning this country to back to conservative principles and those of our Founders.

  2. Excellent post!

    I've been looking around your site this morning and like what I see. You are blogrolled.

  3. Always On Watch, thanks for the comment and the vote of confidence. Please visit often!