"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In God We Trust

Remember, folks, to keep God in your lives. The American motto In God We Trust could not be more apropos, or more important, than it is right now. We are in trying times, historical times, and during these trying times it could be easy to lose sight of His message and His miracles. Remember also, that whatever happens, He has a grand plan for all of us. But that does not mean that we can sit idly on the sideline of life, watching events unfold. Get involved. Engage the battle to save the Republic. God will lead you where He wants you to go.

God Bless You My Friends And Fellow Patriots! God Save The Republic!

Friday, October 9, 2009

And They Called Him Peacekeeper

Barack Obama, Peacekeeper. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Well let's examine the facts.

First, through his attitude and his words, Obama fanned the fires of class and racial division when he "could have calibrated" his words differently, when discussing a local police action in Boston. Yep sounds like quite the peacekeeper doesn't he?

Then, he sat idly by as Iranian citizens attempted to secure their freedom, but were shot down in the streets by their government. Yep a peacekeeper!

Then he's sat quietly as Iran worked tirelessly to develop nuclear capability to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth". Wow, he's really good isn't he?

And he's waffled about how to proceed in the War in Afghanistan, so much so that he's emboldened the Taliban and their allies, and placed our troops in greater jeopardy. As the Commander-In-Chief he's also mandated that we secure the minds of the afghan people by ensuring that we protect them at any expense. That means that our troops can not fire at an enemy combatant unless they fire on us first. That means that there could be an enemy combatant walking down the street with an RPG slung across his forearm, and our soldiers can only watch. Yep, I'd say he's got this peacekeeping thing down pat, don't you?

So, Barack Obama, Peacekeeper? Peacekeeper? I don't think so. He's more like a piece of something on the bottom of my shoe I'd like to scrape off!

Wake Up America!

Perplexing? Not Any More

President Barack Obama has just won the Nobel Peace Prize - the third sitting president to do so. The other two were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. One other U.S. President won the Nobel Peace Prize as well, Jimmy Carter, after he left office. You may already realize that all four of these individuals were progressives in their ideology, albeit of differing degrees, but progressives none the less. What you may not realize is that President Obama was nominated for this award less than two weeks after taking office. Now I ask, what could he possibly have done to inspire someone to nominate him in such a short period of time? Perhaps the "fix" was in? Am I so naive as to not realize how politically connected the progressive movement is at the international level? I guess I was, but not anymore. Wake Up America!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bait & Switch? Keep Your Eyes Open And Stay Focused On The Issues

Three months ago, Obama was trying to sell the lie that 47 million people in America were without Health Insurance, and the new government health care plan would take care of that "problem". A month or so ago, Obama spoke to the joint congress and mentioned that there were 30 million uninsured - a "problem" which his new health care plan would take care of. Notice the drop of about 17 million uninsured? Hmmm, I guess Obama finally realized that illegal aliens were not Americans and the practice of trying to insure them was an unpopular one. Now comes the Baucus bill. It's at least the fourth health care bill from congress, but this one is touted as "the bill". It's "only" going to cost us about 800+ billion over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). But here's the kicker. The CBO also says that by 2019 there will still be about 25 million uninsured that this bill will not reach. Now, my math may be fuzzy, but it sounds to me like we're going to spend nearly a trillion dollars over the next 10 years to insure 5 million people. What a deal! That equates to $20,0000.00/year per insured. Wait a minute, that's not a deal, it's a scam!! Well, like a lot of other Americans, I'm not buying what they're trying to sell. Wake Up America!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome To The Republic, Comrade

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This is a disgrace, and should be DENOUNCED voraciously by Obama. But I don't hear a peep! Do You? Wake Up America!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Will They Disrespect Your Wishes?

Well, here we stand at a crossroads once again. Congress has a choice to make. They do not have the necessary votes to pass a comprehensive health care overhaul bill. In that regard, you have all done a great job getting your views to be heard! But they have the ability to dismiss the will of the American people by engaging in a process called cloture. This allows them to pass legislation with only 51 votes! Cloture has historically been used to address small segments of budget legislation. It was NEVER intended to be used to twart the desires of the American people or to ram through comprehensive legislation on any issue. And yet, that's what these moron's are planning to do. Does that please you? Are you happy with the arrogance of your government? Do you care that they disdainfully disregard your wishes? What are you prepared to do about it? Have you already engaged the battle? If not, what's holding you back? I urge you to call your Senators today and tell them NO TO CLOTURE! Wake Up America!

Monday, October 5, 2009

What Has Happened To The America Of Old?

Other than 9/11, and the days that followed, how many of you talk regularly to your neighbors? When was the last time you asked them for help with a project? When was the last time you offered your help? When was the last time you visited with them for coffee? When was the last time you sat out in the yard together and just watched your kids play? When was the last time you had the neighbors over for a bar-b-q? When was the last time you all piled into a car (or cars) and headed to the beach? Or the ball field for a pick-up game? When was the last time you slept with your doors unlocked? When was the last time you left your car unattended - and unlocked? When was the last time you had a good laugh or cry with your neighbor? When was the last time you walked to the store? When was the last time you went to a drive-in? When was the last time you could walk down the street and see a policeman who knew who you were, and asked about your kids? When was the last time you took a drive - just to drive? Little by little America has been taken from us. Now we find ourselves afraid to walk alone at night - and depending upon the place, sometimes even during the day. We might know who our neighbors are, but rarely interact with them. We expect a crime to occur and plan for it - by locking our doors, installing alarms, driving instead of walking. In the past 50 years we've done a nice job of empowering our government and our criminals; it's time we started to empower ourselves now. And it's easy - it's right there in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We just need to recognize that those documents were written in specific language. They are not living documents like some would have you believe. They are not a "list of what government can't do to you, but which don't mention what government must do on your behalf" as Obama would have you believe. Government must only do this on our behalf - leave us alone to live our own lives! Had government stayed out of the picture these past 50 years, America as I knew her might still be around. If we continue to let the government meddle, who knows what we'll evolve into. But I have a guess. Can you say USSA? Wake Up America!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Nuke? Hardly...

Last week President Obama spoke at the UN imploring all nations currently holding nukes to dismantle them, and all nations striving to build nukes to cease their programs. How naive! I know Obama's from the leftist school of thought that touts everyone is equal, that no one should win or lose, that no one should be victorious or fail. But does Obama realize that competition is inherent in human beings? That some one is ALWAYS going to strive to be number one, that someone is always going to want to rule? Remember the childhood game 'King of the Hill' ? Now think of that on a global scale. Can you really imagine Iran or North Korea actually saying, "Ok, that sounds like a good plan Barack, count me in"? Please, give me a break! I have pains in my side from laughing so hard! And where would we be if we decided to dismantle our nukes, but some other "trustworthy" nation, saying they were doing so, secretly hid several hundred? In the trash heap of history, is where. Personally, I'd rather be king of the hill! So my advice, Mr. President, is this. Don't think of nukes as weapons of mass destruction. They are only that if they are employed. Think of them as peacekeeping tools - you know, something on the scale of the UN. Oh, never mind, the UN isn't a peacekeeping tool, it's too inept. But let's call these nuclear peacekeeping tools, love bombs! Sounds great, doesn't it? And if it becomes necessary, let's be prepared to show enemy nations - like North Korea, Iran, and any other nation out to destroy us or our allies with nuclear war – a little bit of American love! Wake Up America!

More On Health Care "Reform"

How many of you have been touched in some way by cancer; maybe a family member or friend, maybe yourself, maybe a co-worker? Well, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), if health care reform passes as it stands now, this is what will happen to cancer care in America. You've all heard about the "savings" this administration is looking for from Medicare, right? Well, the government is planning to make severe cuts to Medicare payments for cancer care. There's some of your savings! Many of you believe that Medicare is only for the elderly. Not so. Medicare pays for 50% of cancer care. So even if you are not elderly, if you have cancer your care will be affected. Since 2004, Medicare has cut payments for cancer care significantly, and now the government is proposing even more dramatic cuts! Here's an example - Medicare will decrease payments for the administration of life-saving cancer drugs by up to 38% next year. Payment cuts are also scheduled for PET and CAT scans - tests necessary for the proper treatment of cancer. Recent cuts have impacted doctor's ability to treat patients effectively. Some clinics have already closed. If implementation of the proposed cuts is allowed, they will most likely cause a major crisis in cancer care. Medicare payments are not a lucrative facet of any doctor's practice. With the proposed cuts, it is estimated that one in three cancer patients will not have an oncologist. Sound like a potential for rationing health care? Sound like the elderly have less societal value than younger Americans? Call your Congressmen and women today - tell them NO to the complete overhaul of Health Care in America. Let's focus on mal-practice insurance reform, inter-state insurance commerce, and health care accounts for individuals. That will bring the cost under control much quicker than any overhaul would do. Wake Up America!

Where Are The Liberals Shouting "Freedom of Speech" In This Case?

Here's a story that once again demonstrates the hypocrisy of leftist thinking/actions. But in this case, like the sentiment broiling across America, Americans are fighting back. My view is that we have the chance to move this country in the direction we want because we have begun to make our voices heard. And while it will take decades to recapture America, the fight has been engaged. If you haven't engaged yet, please do so. Don't just stand on the sidelines - the consequences of inaction are too great! Community cheers cheerleaders for Jesus Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow - 10/3/2009 6:00:00 AM Friday night high school football in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia took a backseat to a battle of another sort in the bleachers and on the sidelines. Since 9-11 the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe Warrior's cheerleaders have been using scripture verses on the banners that the football team bursts through at the beginning of each game. However, that tradition has been banned by school authorities who fear a hefty lawsuit if they allow the practice to continue. Officials nixed the banners after receiving a complaint from one individual who claims she was offended by the verses. In a surprising turn of events, community members have showed their overwhelming support for the cheerleaders who have since become media celebrities. A local youth pastor, Brad Scott, started a facebook page in their support and organized a rally at a local Chick-fil-a. That rally had to be moved when more than 1,100 supporters showed up. Now in another overwhelming show of support, members of the community showed up to Friday nights football game to cheer the cheerleaders. Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe high school says they have sold the most tickets ever to Friday night's game. All throughout the bleachers people sported homemade signs with scripture verses and t-shirts emblazoned with the school logo and the words "Warriors for Christ." A few enthusiastic male students even painted their shirtless torsos with the school's colors and a scripture verse. Jay Spokes brought his entire family out for the event and all were waving homemade cardboard signs that read, "I love Jesus," "Warriors for Christ," and "I am not ashamed of the gospel." "I think the superintendent reacted a little prematurely in banning the signs, I think it was a knee jerk reaction. They were fearful of a lawsuit and I can understand that," he explained to OneNewsNow. But he adds, "[T]hey should research the laws better and actually put it to question...one person's complaint shouldn't stop the whole communities thought process." Spokes also attended the rally earlier in the week and has voiced his opinion on the issue to the school board. Lisa Curtis is the Varsity cheerleading coach at Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe high school. She told OneNewsNow that she was grateful for the support of the community and adds that she was "dumb-founded" when she was told her girls could no longer use the scripture verse banners. "It just amazes me what kind of impact our little Bible verse signs have had on the community...the girls just want to thank everyone who has supported them this week," she continues. "We are getting messages from all over the country and we just want to thank you all." Many school employees donned scripture verse t-shirts as well Friday night. The football coaches also sported the shirts and just before the game began the football team prayed on the field and closed that prayer with "in Jesus' name." Another rally is planned for Tuesday night's school board meeting. Wake Up America!