"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Resolved To Die Freemen Rather Than To Live As Slaves!

With hearts fortified with these animating reflections, we most solemnly, before God and the world, declare, that, exerting the utmost energy of those powers, which our beneficent Creator hath graciously bestowed upon us, the arms we have compelled by our enemies to assume, we will, in defiance of every hazard, with unabating firmness and perseverance employ for the preservation of our liberties; being with one mind resolved to die freemen rather than to live as slaves." --Declaration of the Cause and Necessity of Taking up Arms, July 6, 1775

If You Aren't Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention!

A Memorial Day Message From LtCol Oliver North

Dear Patriotic American,

Memorial Day is a time for us to remember that America's freedom is secured by Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Guardsmen and Marines who risk their lives in the service of our country. Throughout our history, many of these heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice. This is a time to honor their memory.

As President Ronald Reagan said on May 26, 1986 at Arlington Cemetery: "Memorial Day is the day we put aside to remember fallen heroes ...and for us to remember the splendor of America and those of her children who rest in this cemetery and others."

Will you join Freedom Alliance and me to pay tribute to our fallen heroes, our frontline warriors and their families? May we count on you, as together we honor and thank them for the sacrifices they have made for our country?

Semper Fidelis,

LtCol Oliver L. North, USMC (Ret.)
Founder and Honorary Chairman
Freedom Alliance

P.S. Please join me in commemorating Memorial Day by flying Old Glory and saying "Thank You" to a veteran who you know or a service man or woman who is serving our nation today. Please pray for our troops deployed overseas and for their families.

I would like to add my thank you to all the verterans who have served, or continue to serve, in our armed forces. I especially want to thank my son Christopher, a verteran of two foriegn wars and still serving in the Marines, for his unselfish defense of freedom and liberty. He is my hero. Semper Fi!
And I will take this weekend to honor all of those fallen military heroes who have fought to protect America and the ideals for which she has stood for so long. - HTBWS

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Americans Openly Defiant Of Their President (And Many Members Of Congress)

North Carolina Becomes 18th State Pushing Arizona's New Immigration Law

For National Release
May 26, 2010
CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
(866) 703-0864 WilliamG@alipac.us

Raleigh, NC - The home state of Americans For Legal Immigration PAC's (ALIPAC) President William Gheen has joined the rapidly growing list of states that are rushing to follow Arizona's lead of cracking down on illegal immigration with state laws.

North Carolina now becomes the 18th state that ALIPAC has documented moving forward with a version of Arizona's controversial, yet popular immigration law. Numerous scientific and certified polls indicate 60-81% public support for local police enforcing immigration law as the Arizona bill does.

NC's Senate Joint Resolution (SJ 1349), filed by NC State Senator Don East (R-Surry), and would allow a version of Arizona's immigration bill (SB 1070) to be filed during the short session of the NC Legislature this year. This resolution has 12 sponsors already and room for more lawmakers to add their names.

North Carolina's legislature is currently in what is called the "short session' where only bills relevant to the state budget are allowed to be filed. It requires a joint resolution to be passed to waive that rule.

Passage of SJ 1349 would allow Senator East to file NC's version of the Arizona bill, which would be titled "AN ACT TO CREATE THE CRIME OF WILLFUL FAILURE TO CARRY OR COMPLETE AN ALIEN REGISTRATION DOCUMENT."

"I am proud to announce that North Carolina's lawmakers are rising to support Arizona and 17 other states for the Rule of Law and immigration enforcement," said William Gheen, a North Carolina native and President of the nation's 3rd largest immigration enforcement group. "We need to send a clear message to Washington to secure our borders and a clear message to illegal aliens to go home."

ALIPAC's extensive national network of citizen activists helped pass Arizona's immigration enforcement bill SB 1070 and has since worked to help carry versions of the bill to as many other states as possible.



ALIPAC's national strategy is to encourage as many other states as possible to follow Arizona's lead to alleviate the political antagonism directed at Arizona from the government of Mexico, the National Council of La Raza, President Obama and several liberal city councils.

ALIPAC's North Carolina supporters are being asked to call and write their state legislators in support of Senator East's SJ 1349, which is a version of Arizona's immigration enforcement law for NC. Special efforts are requested to ask the chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, David Hoyle (D-Gaston, (919) 733-5734) to request the bill be scheduled for consideration in committee.

ALIPAC will be launching an effort to notify the public about this legislation by conducting talk radio interviews across the state!

"Any bill that would help alleviate problems caused by illegal immigration will not move forward in NC, without a ground swell of public support and enthusiasm," said William Gheen. "For many years the Democratic leadership of our state has protected, aided and abetted illegal aliens by providing them with taxpayer benefits and has stopped those of us who were trying to protect American jobs, wages, property, and lives. I hope this year we can make progress with our version of Arizona's bill."

ALIPAC is a North Carolina based national organization with over 30,000 supporters representing Americans of every race, political party, state, and walk of life. ALIPAC's President, William Gheen, is a lifelong NC native, alumni of ECU and UNC, and prior employee of and consultant to numerous members of the NC General Assembly.

For more information, please visit www.ALIPAC.us

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Many Lies And Misrepresentations Of The Truth Can You Find In The Quotes Referenced In This Article?

In nearly every one... And isn't it odd that we would be legitimizing and courting "future" communist leaders?

By JOE McDONALD, AP Business Writer

BEIJING – U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Washington is getting its deficits under control and called on China to keep technology markets open in a visit Tuesday to a school for future Communist Party leaders.

On the second day of a high-level dialogue, Geithner told students at the Central Party School the United States has learned from the crisis and is improving regulation. He said Washington was moving forcefully to cut its swollen budget deficit — a key worry for Beijing, the biggest foreign investor in U.S. government debt.

The Strategic and Economic Dialogue brought dozens of U.S. officials led by Geithner and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to Beijing. Begun last year in Washington, the dialogue is aimed at easing trade strains and promoting cooperation on issues from financial markets to clean energy research.

"The basic strategy is to make sure that our economy is growing, then institute long-term reforms and restore the basic discipline to the budget process that we abandoned in the previous decade," Geithner said.

The party school is a mid-career training center for rising officials from provincial governments. Geithner's visit was billed as a chance for Washington to reach beyond Beijing and address a future generation of communist leaders.

Geithner called on China to keep technology markets open, saying competition would promote innovation. Washington and business groups are alarmed by Beijing's "indigenous innovation" policy, meant to promote Chinese technology by favoring domestically developed products in government procurement and other areas. Foreign companies say the policy is the biggest threat to their access to Chinese markets and Geithner said he would raise the issue at the dialogue.

"You want the marketplace to work with you and not against the objective of promoting innovation," the secretary said.

The talks have highlighted the communist government's growing assertiveness in promoting its own interests, prompted by China's rising status as the world's third-largest economy and its quick rebound from the global downturn.

On Monday, President Hu Jintao opened the dialogue with a pledge of more reforms to China's currency controls, a key irritant in ties with Washington. But he gave no timetable and said Beijing will set the pace of change.

Washington and other trading partners complain China's yuan is undervalued, giving its exporters an unfair advantage and swelling its multibillion-dollar trade surplus. The yuan has been frozen against the dollar since late 2008 to help Chinese exporters compete amid weak global demand.

The talks were overshadowed by South Korea's announcement that it was cutting off trade with North Korea and would take its neighbor to the U.N. Security Council over a torpedo attack that killed 46 sailors.

Beijing's envoys pressed a range of Chinese interests, calling for an end to U.S. curbs on "dual use" high-tech exports with possible military applications. They urged Washington to simplify foreign investment rules that they complained hurt Chinese companies.

If You Aren't Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention!

Will Arizona Be The Spark That Turns This Civil War Violent?

So here we have the President of the United States, the Democrats in Congress, the Democrats in Arizona and the President of Mexico, along with state governments in California and New Mexico all sided against Arizona as they try to find a solution to their porous border crisis. Obama has openly laughed at them; Calderone has called them racists; and the Democrats in Congress have stood and cheered a foriegn dignitary railing against America! I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. In fact, I don't even think we've fallen down the rabbit hole. No, we are oficially in the Twilight Zone, or should I say the Toilet Zone. Here's an article from the Marston Chronicles. What exactly is Arizona to do?

There is a Difference

About 40 years ago, George Wallace made the observation that there was not "a dime's worth of difference between the two major political parties". At the time he said that, there was a lot of truth to that statement as Michael Barone just noted in "The Golden Age of Centrism Wasn't so Golden." Well that was then and this is now and there is now a huge difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties as Michael pointed out in his piece. Nothing makes this divide clearer than the Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act aka SB1070 aka "that terrible/great Arizona immigration law" depending on your partisan orientation.

What you will not learn from the fifth column, aka the lame stream media, is the real history behind that bill. What you will learn from them is what the bill is NOT about, namely racial or ethnic profiling or the police demanding citizenship documentation from every Tom, Dick and Harry they see walking down the street. Obviously this bill had to be passed by the Arizona State House of Representatives and the Arizona State Senate before Governor Brewer could sign it. Needless to say, both parties are represented in the Arizona state legislature. So how did the Democrats in both houses vote on this bill? If you guessed not one single one voted for it, you are right on. Except for Senator Carolyn S. Allen (R - Scottsdale), all the Republicans who voted did vote for the bill. Perhaps the fact that she is not seeking re-election had something to do with her vote since it would have been the kiss of death if she was.

The point is that this bill was definitely a partisan issue right from the get-go. Similar bills had passed the Arizona legislature previously only to be vetoed by our then Democrat governor, Janet Napolitano. Fortunately for Arizona but unfortunately for the United States, our affirmative action President decided in his infinite wisdom that she would make a great head of the Department of Home Security. She did everything she could to stop border enforcement while governor and still manage to get elected, so now she can do the same for the rest of America. Still since Arizona does not have a Lieutenant Governor, that allowed the Republican Secretary of State to take over and finally sign this bill.

Now we have the Mexican President trashing Arizona and the Democrat President and Congress whooping it up while he does. See my piece on "A Line Has Been Crossed." Still think there is not a dimes worth of difference? The United States is rapidly being divided into two totally different countries, Blue America and Red America. In the ensuing civil war that so far is not a shooting war, the battles are raging across guess where? That's right, it is being waged in the battleground states aka the Purple States. Soon those states are going to have to decide which side they are joining. It would appear that the upcoming elections will be the time of that decision because the Red States are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore from the socialists masquerading as Democrats.

Just today, the head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement threatened not to process any aliens aka illegal immigrants that the state of Arizona turns over to federal authorities under the new Arizona law. The "hammer" aka Charles Krauthammer takes John Morton of the ICE to the woodshed for his arrogance. But in the meantime, what are we in Arizona supposed to do? Under our system of government, the federal government is supposed to "provide for our common defense." Arizona is being invaded by an army from the country to its south. That fact that they are not wearing uniforms is beside the point. Many of them are carrying assault weapons though and shooting Arizonans who get in their way.

The federal government is forcing us to defend ourselves. In that case why are we paying taxes to the federal government? On top of that, we have cities in a neighboring state attempting to boycott our state in violation of the Constitution. On the west we have the Peoples Republic of Mexifornia and on the east we have New Mexico which might as well secede and join the the United States of Mexico as its name implies. That state has already been overrun by Mexico since Hispanics were almost a majority there in 2000 (44.5%). No doubt the 2010 census will show they are a majority. That leaves us only with Utah that can be considered friendly.

What are the Democrats trying to force us to do? Do they want Arizonans to secede and form our own country? We are running out of options, folks, and this is beyond serious. The federal government has not only abandoned us but is trying to force us into bankruptcy by being burdened with 460,000 people who do not belong here. They do not pay taxes and they chew up social services at an alarming rate. Yet more of this invading army pour across our border every day to applause of the Democrats everywhere. Democrats in other states and cities are trying to impose sanctions on us as if we were a pariah like Iran. We will soon be forced to fight back as we will have no other choice. Why should we send 27.4% of the power generated in our state at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant to Southern California when they are imposing sanctions on us?

Perhaps we should behave like Mexico and just expropriate the 5.7% of that plant owned by the city of Los Angeles Power and Water Department to the State of Arizona since that city has threatened us with what is essentially an act of war. If you think the citizens of Arizona where 71% of us approve of our immigration law are going to go quietly into the night, you have a new think coming. We will not tolerate this crap much longer so I would advise the Democrats to back off before the manure really hits the wind powered turbine.

Now check out this link: 

If You Aren't Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention

When Did Americans Forget This?

"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom." --John Adams, Defense of Constitutions, 1787

And we can forget about it anytime soon, as our educational systems are rife with progressive thinkers, and progressive leaning agenda's. Get the schools back and we get the children back - otherwise, it's a lost cause...

If You Aren't Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Actions, Consequences, And The 'New World Order'

It used to be that everyone knew the rules of the game; Actions Have Consequences. That was always a passive threat to 'keep the peace' - whether between family members, peer groups or nations. So whatever happened to the consequence part of the rule when nations act up? Any consequences for the Iranian government for pursuing nuclear weapons? I mean besides the benign and ineffective 'sanctions rhetoric'? Any consequences for the Palestinians for their repeated attempted bullying of Israel? Any consequences for North Korea for the sinking of a South Korean ship, an obvious act of war, and the killing 46 people? Any consequences for the illegal immigrants scurrying across our southern border like rats running from a sinking ship? Any consequences for companies over spending, and unions over-reaching their compensation demands - I mean other than bailouts? Oh yeah, those consequences were pushed on the American people, most of whom were not involved in the action - not the perpetrators. That's "justice"!

So when Hilary Clinton says that the U.S. will work with other nations to see that North Korea feels the consequences of its actions and changes its behavior to avoid "the kind of escalation that would be very regrettable," what exactly does she mean? The action the North Koreans took wasn't regrettable for the families of the 46 service men killed in that unprovoked action? That maybe we'll tell North Korea they better stop it, or else? Come on Hillary, talk from the 'New World Order' is cheap. The words don't mean anything anymore. Americans are wising up to that fact too! In today's world, run by socialists and progressives for the most part, actions no longer have consequences. No one is willing to 'hurt the feelings' of the offending nation - or their allies.

So act on North Korea! Act on Iran, Al-Queda and the Taliban! Act on illegal immigrants coming across our border with Mexico! Act On, Act On! But remember this, perhaps one day, way off in the future, if there is still people with the will to enforce laws (national and/or international), actions once again may have consequences that mean something. In the mean time, enjoy your free reign...

Clinton: Koreas security situation 'precarious'

By MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press Writer
BEIJING – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that North Korea's sinking of a South Korean warship has created a "highly precarious" security situation in the region and that the Obama administration is working to prevent an escalation of tension that could lead to conflict.

Speaking to reporters in Beijing shortly after the White House issued a statement offering Washington's full and unequivocal support for Seoul, Clinton said all of North Korea's neighbors, including its chief ally China, understand the seriousness of the matter and want to "contain" it.

"We are working hard to avoid an escalation of belligerence and provocation," Clinton said. "This is a highly precarious situation that the North Koreans have caused in the region."

The U.S. will work with other nations to see that North Korea feels the consequences of its actions and changes its behavior to avoid "the kind of escalation that would be very regrettable," she said.

Clinton would not discuss the details of what the United States might do but noted that President Barack Obama had ordered U.S. military commanders to "to ensure readiness and to deter future aggression" from North Korea. The United States has 28,500 troops in South Korea.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said earlier Monday that Seoul would cut all trade with the impoverished regime — part of measures primarily aimed at striking back at North Korea diplomatically and financially. He also vowed to take the incident to the U.N. Security Council for punishment over the March 26 sinking of the Cheonan warship.

Both the White House and Clinton said the U.S. strongly supported Lee's moves. But winning China's support for U.N. action against the North is critical as it is a veto-wielding permanent member of the panel and can block any move there.

Clinton is in Beijing for high-level strategic and economic talks and members of her delegation say she has an uphill battle to convince the Chinese either that North Korea sank the ship — something Pyongyang has denied — or to support new U.N. measures against the fellow communist nation.

China is North Korea's main ally and has so far remained neutral in the matter despite an international investigation that found the ship was sunk by an explosion caused by a torpedo fired from a North Korean submarine.

But Clinton said that as a result of her discussions with Chinese leaders on Sunday and Monday she believed they "recognize the gravity of the situation we face." "The Chinese understand the reaction by the South Koreans, and they also understand our unique responsibility for the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula," she said.

Earlier Monday in an address to the opening of the high-level U.S.-China strategic and economic dialogue, Clinton urged China to work with the United States to coordinate a response to the sinking.

"We must work together ... to address this challenge and advance our shared objectives of peace and stability on the Korean peninsula," she said at Beijing's Great Hall of the People.

Clinton was joined onstage at China's Great Hall of the People by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan and State Councilor Dai Bingguo, all of whom spoke. Neither Wang nor Dai specifically mentioned North Korea or Iran, but Dai made clear in that China would not support any attempt to provoke conflict.

"No attempt to stir up confrontation and stage war, be it a hot war, a cold war or even a warm war, will be popular in today's world," he said. "Nor will such an attempt lead to anywhere."

Similarly, Chinese President Hu Jintao, who also addressed the opening session, did not mention North Korea by name but spoke of the responsibilities shared by the United States and China for "managing regional hotspots" and "safeguarding world peace and security."

Speaking later, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Ma Zhaoxu, repeated China's standard noncommittal response when asked about Clinton's call, telling reporters only that China hoped "all the relevant parties will exercise restraint and remain coolheaded, appropriately handle issues of concern and prevent escalation of the event."

"We always believe that we should adopt a fair and objective perspective and dealing with international matters on the merits of the situation," he said. "I think that principle applies to the handling of the Cheonan incident."

If You Aren't Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One-World Currency; One-World Government

On June 12, 2009 I wrote the post below. It was the 2nd post I ever wrote on this blog. Now we see Greece, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and other countries, including our own, in serious financial situations. A global crisis? Have you checked the stock market lately? I'd say it is. So is a one-world currency looming on the horizon? You bet it is. Will that happen during the Obama administration's tenure? Hard to say, but it's not too far off, so expect it and prepare. And then prepare for a one-world government. We're already seeing the framework for that... Can you say Nicolae?

Here's my earlier post:

Here's a riddle for you all, have fun trying to answer it. Based on the fact that we are running up a $12 trillion debt over the next ten years (probably higher since they are admitting to this figure now) which is 15 times greater than the deficit we had in 2008, and based upon the fact that the Congress is in the process of developing and passing sweeping health care reform which is going to cost the country (that's us tax payers folks!) another trillion dollars, and based upon the fact that the treasury is broke and America is now printing new money and selling our debt to anyone who will buy it so we can "pretend" we have a cash flow, where are the voices of ALL THE MEMBERS OF PAST ADMINISTRATIONS - Democrats and Republicans alike? None of them were irresponsible to the degree this administration has been (and continues to be). Everyone of them is intimately aware of the inner workings of the government - how, why, when and where to spend money (or save it). Not one of them is a stupid person, so we can assume each is well aware of our current situation and what the result in terms of economic pain, will be for the country, for us, and for generations to come. So why aren't they speaking up? Why isn't someone addressing the nation regularly to tell us what we can really expect in the next 5-20 years? Here's one explanation. How many of you have heard that there is a movement that many countries have theoretically embraced (but not acted upon) to create a one-world currency? How many of you have heard of the Bilderberg Group? How many of you are interested enough in your futures to investigate them on the Internet? Could there already be a strategy in place that will result in an international monetary crisis, which will eventually precipitate the perceived need to move to one-world currency. Is it possible that such a huge crisis ensues that there will be a real need for such a currency. Such a strategy would have to have spanned many administrations and the governments of many countries. Is it possible? Is it impossible? So, if it is possible, what happens at that point? Does all past debt, held by any/all countries, just evaporate? Is that why no one seems concerned about the debt America is running up? Does everyone just start over from scratch? What other reason(s) can there be for the deafening silence from all our "leaders" - past and present? That's not rhetorical, I'd like to know! Food for thought...

If You Aren't Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention...

Discrimination, Liberty, And Our Personal Rights

Alan Keyes, who I admire greatly, recently posted this article on his blog:


In it he describes what he perceives to be the Libertarians view of personal property rights vs. what he believes the intent of our Founders was. He is specifically referencing comment made by Rand Paul. During his discourse (if I understand his point correctly) Keyes talks about the right of any citizen to deny anyone they choose access to their home (their personal private property), but that if those same people do not allow access to their personal public property (a business for instance) then they are in violation of discrimination laws and are engaging in discriminatory behavior.

Libertarians believe that personal property is personal property. They believe there is no distinction between personal property used for private purposes vs that used for public purposes. So, if we don't agree with that premise, where do we allow the government to draw that line? That's the slippery slope of the Keyes position vs the Rand position.

In his article, Keyes brings up the concept of discrimination - saying that we can prevent people from entering our house if we don't like their race, hair color, their tan, or anything else - because it is our personal private property. He acknowledges that we have the right to discriminate in those circumstances. Let me be clear, he is not condoning discrimination; he is just acknowledging our right to do so. But he also takes the position that we do not have that same luxury when it comes to our personal public property. Where is that written in the Constitution? What or who decides what constitutes private vs public? If I own a private beach and hold a beach party and tell everyone I invite to invite whomever they want, does my personal private property now become public? Am I then prevented from denying access to my beach to people who I don't want there?

Discrimination does exist in our daily lives. It's a human condition. We discriminate against the vegetables we eat (some we just don't like). We discriminate against various religions just by joining a church of a particular denomination (or a non-denominational one). We discriminate against a political party based upon their ideology (and ours). We discriminate against every enemy we fight in a war - we don't know those individuals, yet we "hate" them. The list goes on and on. And while God created us all equal, that does not mean we have to like everyone.

My point, in a long, convoluted way, is that we have the right to discriminate even if it is the wrong decision to make. And if it is deemed to be so in the public forum of our personal property, society will alert us by not frequenting our personal public property. And we'll either change our behavior and remain in business, or not. But, in my opinion, the government does not have the authority to assign "rights" to any of us, or to any portion of our personal property. That task is assigned solely to God. To that principle I am committed.  Liberty for all...and hold to it fast!

If You Aren't Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention