"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Second Civil War Is Upon Us

Maybe I'm wrong, but what if I'm right? Is it worth the risk to do nothing? Make no mistake about it. We are in another civil war. It involves the Constitutionalists and the Progressives. And like the original Civil War, we will find ourselves "fighting" against friends and family in many cases. Are we strong enough to handle that? While this war does not involve violence, it does not involve weapons, is being fought strictly in the arena of persuasion - persuading the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans - it is a civil war none-the-less. There have been skirmishes for many years, and the Constitutionalists have lost most of those battles. Remember when there was prayer in school, and the Pledge of Allegiance? Remember when condoms were not handed out in school, and our underaged daughters couldn't have an abortion without our knowledge? Remember when you could say Merry Christmas without offending someone? And so, today, we find that there has seen a constant erosion of our liberty and a slow but constant shredding of our Constitution. We now find ourselves in a pivotal time in our nations history. Our backs are against the wall, and we're defending against a huge offensive. The very outcome of this war depends upon our ability to hold the ground we're on. The Progessives are throwing everything they have at us, and at a furious pace. Obamacare, Cap & Trade, the Stimulus package (Hmmm, not working, boss! But is it designed that way?) to name a few. Bill after bill after bill - all without being read, or being read by hired speed readers - how arrogant and disdainful. And like all those brave patriots who have defended this land, and freedom everywhere, throughout history - The Revolutionary War, the Minutemen, the defense of Pearl Harbor, the Battle of the Bulge, the storming of Normandy, the hunt for Al-qaeda and Bin Ladin , and on and on - we must defend this land and we must win this war. There is no other option. Any other outcome is unacceptable. There can be no loss, there can be no compromise, there can be no further retreat from our principles. For to do so would result in the demise of America, beacon of freedom. So whatever it takes, the battle must be engaged until there is clear victory. But, like every army ever assembled, the progressive army has a huge number of followers who believe in their cause. So how do we win this war? We need a battle plan. Here's the start of one strategy, maybe you have ideas to improve on it, or maybe you have a better plan. Leave a comment if you do... 1. Research progressivism - know the enemy. 2. Research the voting record of your Representative and Senators - know the enemy. http://thatsmycongress.com/senate/ , http://thatsmycongress.com/house/ 3. Vote out progressive-voting elected officials - regardless of whether or not they are your friend, or even your relative, at the very first opportunity - take the battle to them. 4. Continue to watch the candidates - do not elect any candidate with a progressive ideology, ever - scout the enemy and the terrain. 5. Be vigilant, the enemy will counter-attack and will not go down without a fierce fight. They can smell victory, that's how close they are. Anticipate where those attacks will come from - new laws, the courts, the IRS, etc, etc. 5. Continue to vote out progressive thinking individuals - remember, there are "classes" in the Senate, so only a third are up for re-election every two years - take the battle to them. 6. As more candidates of our choosing are elected into office, instruct them to repeal those laws that have infringed on our liberties. Political activism in this manner is necessary for the country, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, to survive - secure the perimeter. 7. Teach your children what you are learning and doing, (and teach them to teach their children) so that the vigilance we are embracing will continue well into the future - spread the lessons of battle. 8. Instruct your elected officials to pass laws that will prohibit the future erosion of the Constitution, and once we get it back continue to pass laws to strengthen that position - develop defensive and offensive weapons (laws) that will deter future aggression by our enemies. See you on the battlefield (I hope!). God be with you, my friends.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here's How I See It

I have written several times about progressivism. I have told you how members of the progressive movement are in both parties of the government. They are in the media, they are teaching in our colleges, and they are legislating in our courts. Progressives believe that bigger government is in the best interests of the masses. It's that simple. I wish I was eloquent enough to explain the peril we are in so that it was understandable, and you could feel the urgency of the times. Progressives believe the government can best take care of its citizens. In order to accomplish substantial gains for their philosophy in America today, Obama may well be fostering an economic climate that has resulted in the highest unemployment in 26 years, and it's still rising. By creating this high an unemployment rate, Obama hopes to create a misery index that will cause people to say "I need health care, so I better tell my Congressman to vote for it". And thus, Obamacare will be launched. Some of you may say that our economic situation is just a result of the Bush Administration. I would first ask you to prove it (don't just think it) - the economy was already tanking under Bush and we didn't have this kind of unemployment. And secondly I would remind you that the Bush economy survived, and then flourished after, the 9/11 attacks. So maybe his philosophy was more sound than Obama's is. Or maybe Obama's policies are intentional. How much of an impact have the decisions that Obama has made impacted our economy? He has taken control of banks & transportation, and he's working on taking control of health care and energy. That will all result in a huge expansion of government, and extensive government intrusion into our lives. That's Progressivism. Now, you may be astute enough to know that Obama's poll numbers are plummeting. So, you ask yourself, why would he create a situation that would adversely affect his poll numbers, and his opportunity for a 2nd term? It's because the Progressives have identified this as THE time to act. They will have no better opportunity. They have a Progressive in the Office of the President. They have Progressives in the highest levels of government. They have gone "all in" as they say in cards. And if they are successful with this huge power grab, and Obama loses his bid for reelection - he will just be considered a casualty of the progressive movement by its members. But he will have done his job to further the movement, and he will be revered inside that movement. And then what, you ask? Well, here's the thing. Another progressive just takes his place - a democrat or a republican - and continues his work. But at that point the damage will be so complete that there will be no recovery. We will silently, and mostly unnoticed by the masses, slip into socialism. Doesn't that scare you? That is why you need to make sure you vote in 2010 and 2012. You need to research who is, and who is not, a progressive. You need to vote ANY progressive in your area out of office. You need to ensure that whoever is running against a progressive candidate is not a progressive thinker themselves. You need to spend the time to do the research. Wake up America!!

The One/Two Punch

Combining progressivism and apathy is like the human body contracting cancer and AIDS at the same time. It's a knock-out punch. So how do you treat it? You can't. So we need to prevent it by eliminating apathy. As I see it, too many Americans are apathetic about what's happening to America. Is it because there are so many of them receiving entitlements of some form that they won't vote against those idiots we've elected for fear of losing those entitlements? Is it because the scope of the problem is so large and insidious that people feel overwhelmed? Is it because the government has kept people so busy trying to make ends meet that they don't have time to educate themselves? Is it because they still believe that America is the America of the 1950's? Is it because there has been a systematic indoctrination of progressive ideology and a systematic erosion of morals and values in our schools over the past 50 years, that people have been programmed to accept that ideology? Is it because people don't know where to start? Is it because people are afraid that if they start it could lead somewhere they aren't willing to go? Research the issues people, talk to your neighbors and co-workers. Get the word out before it's too late. Otherwise, we'll be changing our name to the New Europe instead of the United States of America. Wake up America!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Onion

Ever peel an onion? Did you start to cry? Do you think you could peel an onion systematically layer by layer? That's where we are with corruption in America. Acorn, SEIU, Progressivism, our Government, the professors that teach our children in college, the Center for American Progress - it goes on and on and on. How do we possibly uncover each layer without crying so much that we miss something? You may say to yourself, "this poor guy, he's gone over the edge", but don't dismiss me so quickly. Do the research. Learn how they are connected. Even President Obama is connected to this group in a big way. How do you think he can do the things he's done? Research Chicago politics for the past 30-50 years. We are, without doubt, in THE fight of our lives in terms of what this country will become. We quite possibly may already have lost our Republic. What will America morph into? There are SO many similarities with Nazi Germany that it is scary. Thank God we have term limits for presidents - so far. But don't think that will save America. There are so many people in the progressive movement wings that once the ball really got rolling ( which Obama has seen to) the next guy will step up and just keep pushing it. There has got to be action on our part. Capitalism is dying before our eyes - life support is imminent. Socialism, like an insidious cancer, has taken hold and will spread rapidly through the American system. Happy? Prepared? Willing to accept it? If Cap & Trade (crap and traitor) and Health Care Reform legislation is passed into law, we are lost. Pure and simple. Again, I implore you, do NOT laugh this off. Research, research, research - but do it quickly, because there is not much time. By the end of 2009 we will know exactly what we have allowed if these two bills pass. There is still time to stop it, if those we elected can be made to listen. I'm not sure that's possible. They have two years to stave us off before we can vote them out. By that time the damage could be done, the game over, the lights turned off, and the players already home. The destruction of America as we know her is occurring right in front of our eyes. It's unfathomable. It's so hard to wrap my head around what is happening, never mind how it's happening. Do not be surprised, if at some future date - maybe a year from now, maybe five who knows - there will be a revolt. It will happen because we were not smart enough, alert enough, or willing enough to stop the insanity while we still had time. It's a dark time America! Wake up! There still might be time.

Parhaps the Ultimate Salesman

Have you ever been talked into something you didn't want? Maybe a candy bar from a co-worker? Maybe a magazine subscription? Maybe an unneeded option on a car you were purchasing? Well, if you have, in all cases, you probably had the money for the purchase. That is not the case with a healthcare overhaul. America does not have the money. And yet, to hear Obama talk, you'd think we were swimming in money and won't really notice the "pain". He may be the ultimate salesman. Because when you listen closely, what he actually says and what he actually does are two different things. Not just when it comes to healthcare - but in almost every issue he discusses. And the kicker? Like a clone of David Copperfield the illusionist, nobody even notices. Wake up America, please!!!

BOHICA Everyone!

The native Americans knew this term well. As they watched the new US Army push them further and further into near extinction, the whispered word BOHICA was carried on the wind, through the fields and across the prairie, from settlement to settlement. From Chief Joseph to Tecumseh to Osceola, from the Iroquois to the Apache to the Cherokee nations to all the lesser tribes, BOHICA became a rallying cry to save the land they loved. And, when at last the Indian Wars were over, and the remaining native Americans were herded onto reservations (what they would have considered prisons) you could hear the word BOHICA being chanted by the chiefs and mumbled by the braves and squaws. Today, the American people very much resemble those distant Indian peoples. While we may not end up in reservations, America itself is becoming a prisoner to the Progressive movement. So today I say to each and everyone of you BOHICA! Bend Over Here It Comes Again! BOHICA America! Wake up!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To ALL Congressmen and Congresswomen

I have been aware for many years that politicians make many promises on the campaign trail, which are not kept once those politicians reach office. It is obvious that ambitious politicians will say whatever they need to in order to entice prospective voters in their effort(s) to get elected. That amounts to a conscious and willful misleading of the American people. In truth, because of this widely practiced technique, the American people do NOT know what many individual candidates really stand for, what their belief system is, or what their true political ideology is. America needs, and has a RIGHT to have, clear speaking candidates with well defined positions instead of ambiguous allusions couched in "I have a plan". We have a right to know WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY our politicians will affect our lives. We have a right to that information BEFORE we are required to vote and BEFORE they take office. We have a RIGHT to candidates with character and integrity who will gladly articulate their positions clearly, truthfully, and fully. To that end, I respectfully request that you sponsor a bill - call it The Consequence Bill. The sole purpose of the bill is to define that ANY individual who misrepresents himself or herself, his or her positions, and/or fails to keep a campaign promise in it's entirety will be removed from whatever office they hold. The result of this legislation would be truthful articulation of positions, a clear understanding of a candidate's character, and an America that gets what it voted for - ALL in a transparent manner! Ensure this bill includes NO amendments. The American people have a right to know who is for, and who is against, this proposal solely on it's merits. That in itself will give us a clear picture of who in Congress has integrity and character. This proposal would result in a very short bill, I would suspect it would be less than a page. I would expect that even though you rarely exercise the skill (based on demonstrated performance), and even with your busy, busy schedules, being as it is so short, all of you should have the time to read it.

The "W" Words

Have you noticed in almost all instances, when someone on the news is asked a question - up to, and including the President - that person provides what they hope will be viewed as a satisfactory answer. Often times, the answer is accepted by the questioner. But what's happened to the "W" words? Who, what, where, why, and when? What's happened to the word How? We rarely hear those questions as followups to get to the root of an issue. Who's teaching modern day journalists? What is the agenda/ideology of those professors? Where (from what institutions) are our modern day journalists getting their education? Why is no one - even the most respected investigative journalists - asking these questions? How do we change it? And when? I guess in retrospect I am pleased to have received a parochial education growing up - it took all political ideology out of the mix. I feel sorry for all those "young skulls full of mush" (as Rush Limbaugh would say) who are being indoctrinated by political influence in our educational system. We've lost God in our schools - allegedly for the greater good of the masses (I don't think it's worked, do you?) - but have allowed (and encouraged) political influence. Ah, the stupidity... Wake Up America!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Is Your Family's Future Worth $11?

I just picked up "Glenn Beck's Common Sense" - a paperback just released. Glenn is much more eloquent than I, and he illustrates quite vividly the trouble in which we find ourselves. I urge you all to spend the $11, take two hours or so to read his words, and get a good feel for where America stands today. Do you consider yourself a free thinker, or just a follower? If a free thinker - get this book and think about what it contains! Wake up America!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Long Road Back - An Open Letter To ALL Americans

I am sad and I am scared. I am deeply disappointed with our parents generation - and with ours. I am angry, and I am troubled. I feel so impotent to affect the directional change this country so desperately needs. I am disgusted with the many politicians who claim they want to represent us, but only because it serves the purpose of furthering their own self serving agenda. But I also feel anxious and impatient. Anxious and impatient to start some sort of change that will return America to what she was. I feel hopeful that if enough Americans understand how far afield we have strayed, enough of us will unite - from all walks of life, from all faiths, from all ethnic backgrounds, from all age groups and from all political ideologies - to change the course of history. For decades upon decades Americans have silently accepted that our government was looking out for our best interest. Under the guise of compassion, individuals - some prominent, some not - with a progressive ideology have worked tirelessly to promote their political ideology and have thrust it upon each of us. They have used the educational system, the judicial system, the legislative system, and the media. While they may have been well intentioned (or maybe not), the result has placed us on a dangerous precipice. For decades Progressives have been ascending the mountain, dragging AMERICA along behind them. Now America finds itself at the pinnacle of the mountain, and she has only two choices she can make. She can climb back down the way she came, or she can go over the mountain top and down the other side. To climb down the way she came will be slow, hard, tiring work. It took years and years to climb that rocky slope. But to go over the mountain down the other side might look to you to be so much easier - it's fresh, pristine and the slope appears to be so gentle. To climb down the way we came, will return us to the republic our founding fathers envisioned. After the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin was asked, "What have you given us, sir?" He responded, "A Republic, if you can keep it". If You Can Keep It; an interesting choice of words. Because Franklin knew that to keep our Republic the American people would have to work at it. They would have to stay vigilant to the powers that would seek to corrupt America, and actively guard against those forces. Well, we have let her down. Our parents let her down. And now, if we don't actively impact the direction she is headed, we will be guilty of dishonoring our children and our grandchildren, and they will pay a heavy, heavy price. If America chooses to go down the other side of the mountain, we will no longer be a Republic. We will become a socialist state. That's what the progressive ideology is all about. Mark my words, the time of choice has arrived. If you choose to do nothing but continue to stay isolated within your own small world, you will be complicit in what happens to America. But if you choose to act, to gain awareness of what is occurring, to implore others to think and to see, to show others the truth and the proof of America's slide and the progressive movement's rise, then you can hold your head high, and will have earned the right to say "I loved America enough to fight for her." "And when the broken-hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer" - Paul McCartney wrote that. And maybe there's some wisdom there. Maybe, just maybe, if we can find enough people to learn and understand what has occurred, what is occurring, and who can agree that America should not be a socialist state, there will be an answer. And maybe the answer will be - turn around America. Go back down the mountain the way you came. It will be a long road back, and it will be hard. But we will guide you. This time we will not forget our responsibility to remain vigilant. We will guard you against all evil. Together, the America I love and those that choose to guard her, will walk proudly back down the mountainside, and once again America will be that 'Shining city on the hill" that beckons to all who love freedom and liberty. And how, you ask, can we accomplish that? The answer is simple. You need to convince one non-believer of what these truths reveal. You must make time to persuade one non-believer and have them do the same, and so on, and so on, and so on. That is how we will save America. It will be a slow process. It will involve getting to know your representative's and senator's positions, and making sure they know yours. But most of all it will take each one of us to believe once again in the American dream forged by the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and the Constitution in 1787. How far afield we have come. But generations from now, if we are strong enough and active enough, and care enough, the American people of that time will look back at this time and know not only that the foundation of America was built upon the best form of government known, but that she was rescued by the people who comprised that government. They will know that the form of government known as a Republic once again allowed their country, our country, to become the country of self-evident truths and unalienable rights endowed by our Creator. Remember, we the people have power, but only if we exercise it...

The Sad Truth

History of the past 50 years shows that we (the American people) keep repeating the same mistakes. It is widely recognized that the Democratic Party is the most liberal party in America. Yet, over the past 50 years (since 1961 and through 2011) we continue to vote democrats into Congress. Congress has the responsibility and authority for creating laws and for spending money - not the President. So it is much more important to know who our Congressmen are, as well as what they stand for. Here's the analysis. The Senate has been controlled by the Democrats 60% of the time since 1961 (30 years to 20). The House of Representatives has been controlled by the Democrats 76% of the time since 1961 (38 years to 12). And in those years where there was a clear majority in the Senate (some years were ties or differences of 2 seats or less) the Democrats have controlled the entire Congress 75% of the time (30 years to 10). And we wonder why we're in the state we're in? Let's put fiscal conservatives in office folks, or you and I will be slaves to the debt we're incurring, and so will our children, their children, and on and on. It's not sustainable!! Tell those who represent you to repeal the spending that has been passed into law since January. If they don't do it, VOTE THEM OUT, and tell them that's your plan! Wake up America!!!