"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Have you spent any time really listening to what our esteemed (hm,hm, throat clearing) leader really says? It's hard to comprehend what he actually stands for because he contradicts himself all the time, and he's a master of semantics. He's for a single-payer system in one speech, he's never claimed to be for a single payer system in another speech. He's for free speech and a challenging exchange of ideas, but if you made the mess" shut up and get out of the way so he can mop it up. He's for a unified nation, but divisive in his comments - demonizing individuals and groups weekly, sometimes daily. His vision of "presidential" is lacking in substance, character, and depth. He is a shell, mostly making decisions by the seat of his pants. Oh no, that can't be right. He claims he's being very deliberate with his decisions! Yeah? Was a stimulus package that needed to be passed before anyone voting on it could read it being deliberate? Was pushing Cap & Trade through the House before anyone could read it being deliberate? Was trying to push Health Care Reform and a government option through Congress prior to the August recess, and before anyone could read it, being deliberate? Oh yeah, I guess once again I forgot this guy is all about semantics. And when he says he is acting deliberately he is doing just that. But he doesn't mean "with caution and great thought". He means "with intention". He means he is deliberately working to fundamentally change America forever.

Wake Up America!!

How Do You Hold A Country Together?

There was a time when America welcomed legal immigrants with open arms, but at the same time expected those individuals to assimilate themselves into the American culture. They were required to have a sponsor, and learn the language. Today it's much different.

To start, just press one to read the rest of this message in Spanish. Yep, that will motivate everyone to learn the language and help the newcomers to meld into our culture and society, won't it! That in itself is divisive and threatens the long-term prosperity of our nation. It fosters subtle racial tension, whether it means to or not. It does not promote a "united" nation. But much worse than that is the fact that we are vacillating between upholding the laws of our country vs. the laws of other cultures. The two can be mutually exclusive, so what do we do?

For instance, Sharia Law allows for fathers to behead their daughters and wives for specific "offenses" against the Muslim religion. So when that culturally accepted practice of the Muslim religion conflicts with our law of murder, given today's progressively ideological courts, who wins at trial? How is it resolved?

Wouldn't it be much cleaner and much more widely understood by everyone if America just maintained that if you come here, you must have a sponsor and you must assimilate yourself into our culture. There will be no more "diversity" acceptance; it just fragments the country and blurs the lines of law. You will be required to learn English - period. You will be required to learn our history. You will be required to accept our culture - after all, you're coming to our country, we're not going to yours.

The country is becoming more and more fragmented year by year! It's what our elected politicians want, because it keeps them in power - at least up to now. Something must be done to stop the erosion, and then reverse it!

Wake Up America!

Friday, October 23, 2009

More On The Right Wing Arm Of The Progressive Movement

To support my post "The Impersonators", below, today there is a report out of New York - I believe the 23rd District - regarding the congressional race going on there. It seems that the Republicans have two candidates running. One - Doug Hoffman - is a conservative who has been endorsed, and financially backed, by Sarah Palin and her PAC. The other - Dierdre Scozzafava - is LEFT of Obama on some issues. The GOP has endorsed Scozzafava! Yep, the GOP is definitely the right-wing arm of the progressive movement. Watch out America! Take notice of what the "Republican Party" really represents. It's certainly NOT conservatism!

Wake Up America!!!

This Is Patriotism! God Bless America! God Bless Our Troops!!!


To understand this story, you need to know that, in military theaters, the National Anthem is played before every movie.

This was written by Chaplain Jim Higgins, who is stationed in Iraq:

I recently attended a showing of "Superman 3" here at LSA Anaconda (an American base camp north of Baghdad). We have a large auditorium we use for movies, as well as memorial services and other large gatherings. As is the custom back in the States, we stood and snapped to attention when the National Anthem began before the main feature. All was going as planned until about three-quarters of the way through The National Anthem the music stopped.

Now, what would happen if this occurred with 1,000 18-22 year-olds back in the States? I imagine there would be hoots, catcalls, laughter, a few rude comments; and everyone would sit down and call for a movie. Of course, that is, if they had stood for the National Anthem in the first place.

Here, the 1,000 Soldiers continued to stand at attention, eyes fixed forward. The music started again. The Soldiers continued to quietly stand at attention. And again, at the same point, the music stopped. What would you expect to happen? Even here I would imagine laughter, as everyone finally sat down and expected the movie to start.

But here, you could have heard a pin drop. Every Soldier continued to stand at attention. Suddenly there was a lone voice, then a dozen, and quickly the room was filled with the voices of a thousand soldiers, finishing where the recording left off:

"And the rockets red glare,
the bombs bursting in air,
gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave,
o'er the land of the free,
and the home of the brave."

It was the most inspiring moment I have had here in Iraq . I wanted you to know what kind of Soldiers are serving you here. Remember them as they fight for you!

Wake Up America!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Impersonators

This post is specifically intended for all of you who are holding steadfastly and resolutely to the ideal that the Republican Party is still the party for Conservatives. It Is Not! And while the Democratic Party has clearly defined it's niche on the far left of the political spectrum, that can not be said for the Republican Party. So I submit to you that the subtle ideology of those imposters masquerading as Republicans, in Washington specifically, but in lessor elected positions (like Governor) as well, portends that they are really just the right-wing arm of the progressive movement.

It is obvious to me that the Republican Party has been infiltrated by the progressive movement. And as soon as conservatives clinging to the label of "Republican" wake up to that fact, the better chance we have to create a conservative party that will represent our views, our principles, and our values. And the sooner we can begin the task of dismantling the socialist mechanism parasitically feasting on this country and surrounding & debilitating the systems, principles and values that made this country great.

So as we near the investigation stage of the 2010 elections, remember that the majority of Congressmen from both parties hold the same ideology - progressivism. They may differ slightly in degree, but, generally speaking, they are all progressive none-the-less. So what this administration starts, future administrations - led by either party - will continue. The two-party system is now just one entity - progressive government. We can only change it by forcing the Republicans to back conservative candidates (that's NOT going to happen), or we create a new party - a Conservative Party. What do you say America?

Wake Up!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Problem As I See It

Democrats and Republicans vs. Conservatives

The Democratic Party, encompassing every leftist radical, revolutionary wacko, liberal, socialist and communist, is as big as it's going to get for a while - they are just too far left and have known that for a long time. They continuously claim that the Republican Party is not inclusive enough. But, to ensure strengthening the pursuit of their agenda the progressives infiltrated the Republican Party, placing the less radical of their group in that body. Those individuals, McCain, Snowe, the Bushes and others also actively espouse that the Republican Party has to be more inclusive. That's why for the past several elections there hasn't been great choice between the final candidates. Let's face it, McCain or Obama? Gore or Bush? Bush 1 or Clinton? McCain and Joe Lieberman buddy, buddy. McCain calling Obama a "good man" during the campaign. Come on folks, that writing has been on the wall for a while. The last true conservative who ran for President was Ronald Reagan. And how did the country respond? They overwhelmingly voted him into office for two terms!! So is Conservatism dead like the radical democrat progressives and the less radical progressive Republicans will have us believe? I think - NOT. So why do they keep telling us that? To keep us down, that's why. But it's time for us all to stand up, take off our sweats and get in the game!

As I see it, the problem we have is still significant because if we can't get conservatives to run for office the ideological choices of the candidates available for us to vote on are progressive or radically progressive. And in both cases, the country continues to meander down the path to socialism. Don't let the party labels mislead you. There are just too many progressives populating both parties, for either of them to do us much good. And while there are still some good men and women in Congress, sadly there are just not enough. Don't be blinded come next November and vote the party - do your homework and vote the Conservative!

But where are the conservatives? Where are the people knowledgeable enough to begin a new party - the Conservative Party? Will new blood step up and take the mantle and the challenge of fighting for the country as she was created? I sure hope so. We have one such person here in Florida who is running for the Senate - Marco Rubio. If you're from Florida, get behind this guy!!

It's Time To Wake Up America!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Commander-In-Thief At It Again

What would the country look like if we were allowed to elect people not associated with the label Democrat or Republican? What if we just had to vote for Mr. Jones or Mr. Smith - no party affiliations? What do you think the outcome would be? Would more liberlas than conservatives be elected, or would it be the other way around? Here's an articlae that leads me to believe that the Democrats have thought that through, and that they need and use the Democratic label to lead people, specifically blacks by the nose to vote for them. Please read on...

Justice Dept: Blacks MUST Have Democrat Label to Know How to Vote
Posted By Bobby Eberle On October 20, 2009 at 9:02 am in The Loft

There have been some crazy actions to come from Obama and his advisors regarding race. Remember when, not knowing ANY of the facts regarding an incident between a white police officer and a black professor, Obama said on national television that the officer acted "stupidly?" Or how about Obama's 20-year affiliation with a pastor who blasts America and advocates racial division?

Well, now I think I've seen it all. Obama's Justice Department has ruled against the actions of the town of Kinston, North Carolina. What did this town do that was so terrible? The residents voted overwhelmingly to eliminate partisan elections for mayor and city council members. The Justice Department stepped in and said, "Whoa! Wait just a second!" According to the Justice Department, blacks in Kinston must have the Democrat Party in order to elect their "candidate of choice." How insulting! Basically, what Obama's team is saying is that blacks will only vote for Democrats, and without the party label, blacks can't figure out for themselves which candidate will get their vote. This is not only a slap in the face of the voters, but it continues Obama's efforts to divide people along racial lines rather than bring them together.

The Washington Times has an excellent accounting of what is happening in this small North Carolina city. Following a city vote to do away with partisan elections for city offices, the Justice Department blocked the action:

The Justice Department's ruling, which affects races for City Council and mayor, went so far as to say partisan elections are needed so that black voters can elect their "candidates of choice" - identified by the department as those who are Democrats and almost exclusively black. The department ruled that white voters in Kinston will vote for blacks only if they are Democrats and that therefore the city cannot get rid of party affiliations for local elections because that would violate black voters' right to elect the candidates they want.

Candidate of choice? Basically they are saying that blacks will ONLY vote for Democrats, and if there is no party label, they won't know what to do. Obama's team also continues to take steps backward in race relations. Saying that whites will only vote for a black if there is a party label attached smacks of blatant bigotry. Furthermore, to say that blacks can't figure out who their "candidate of choice" is without a party label, Justice Department officials are making a huge assumption about the intelligence of black voters.

First of all, if a person is running for office, and that person is the "candidate of choice" for a voter or group of voters, it doesn't matter if that candidate has a party label attached or not. Shouldn't the electoral process by a process where voters actually pay attention to issues, do a little research, and then make an informed decision? What the Obama folks are saying is, "Forget all that! We just want them to vote for the Democrat."

Justice Department spokesman Alejandro Miyar denied that the decision was intended to help the Democratic Party. He said the ruling was based on "what the facts are in a particular jurisdiction" and how it affects blacks' ability to elect the candidates they favor. "The determination of who is a 'candidate of choice' for any group of voters in a given jurisdiction is based on an analysis of the electoral behavior of those voters within a particular jurisdiction," he said. Critics on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights are not so sure. "The Voting Rights Act is supposed to protect against situations when black voters are locked out because of racism," said Abigail Thernstrom, a Republican appointee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. "There is no entitlement to elect a candidate they prefer on the assumption that all black voters prefer Democratic candidates."

Keep in mind that according to the news story, this city votes Democrat overwhelmingly... both blacks and whites. Kinston "voted by a margin of nearly 2-to-1 to eliminate partisan elections in the city."

The news story gets ridiculous when one reads the quotes from Loretta King, "who at the time was the acting head of the Justice Department's civil rights division."

"Removing the partisan cue in municipal elections will, in all likelihood, eliminate the single factor that allows black candidates to be elected to office," she said.

Ms. King is the same official who put a stop to the New Black Panther Party case. In that case, the Justice Department filed a civil complaint in Philadelphia after two members of the black revolutionary group dressed in quasi-military garb stood outside a polling place on election last year and purportedly intimidated voters with racial insults, slurs and a nightstick.

Through King's efforts, the charges against all but one of the Black Panthers were dropped.

The Justice Department's actions are not only racial, but overtly political. As noted by Hans A. von Spakovsky at National Review Online:

The attorneys in the Voting Section also increasingly use the Voting Rights Act as primarily a political bludgeon to protect and enhance the electoral successes of the Democratic Party. Thus, in the Kinston objection letter, the Department stated that “it is the partisan makeup of the general electorate” that allows the winner of the Democratic primary to win in the general election. But of course, the VRA is supposed to protect voters, not majority parties. The fact that blacks are a controlling majority in the city is essentially deemed irrelevant.

This is yet another example of Obama's advisors showing that they are not ready for their duty to represent the entire country. They are partisans, and they are ideological radicals.

Wake Up America!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Believe...

I believe in God. I believe in miracles, because I have witnessed them in my own life. I believe that good will always triumph over evil, but I also believe that there will be set backs. I believe that America was the greatest nation that ever existed. But I also believe that she is just a shell of what she was and what I hope she could be again, and that we are at the turning point in history that will define what America becomes. I believe we will know definitively what she becomes during the second half of this century - maybe sooner. I believe that power corrupts, and that is why I also believe that term limits are necessary if we are to have any chance to save the Republic as she was created. I believe in the innocence of a child and the confidence of an adolescent, but I also believe in the arrogance of grown men. And while I admire the former, I detest the latter. I believe that friends and family are important, and that while you may lose friends over your lifetime, family is always family. I believe that good men fight bad wars and that their honor and integrity define their actions and their fate. I believe that if left unchecked, Barack Obama will irreparably change this country for the worse. I believe he has already created the foundation to accomplish that result, but I also believe that it is not too late to alter the course he has set for America. I also believe that we have to act now, and act boldly to stop his agenda. I believe that the ideology of socialism and communism is evil, and that we are truly in a fight against that evil, despite people telling me that Obama "is a good man" or that "he hasn't done anything yet". I believe in the goodness inherent in most Americans, and that those same Americans can be counted upon to fight for America in the next several election cycles, and if called upon to defend and or protect her will physically fight for her as well. I believe that conservatism is alive and well, and that progressives have hijacked the Republican Party and, like wolves in sheep's clothing are leading Americans to slaughter, and that America has not fully woken to that truth yet. But I also believe that she will. I believe that the Republican party no longer represents any portion of conservative America because they can no longer be trusted, and that a new party - the Conservative Party - must be created. I believe conservatives must be more watchful if this new party is created so that progressives don't infiltrate it as well. I believe that if you are still reading this, you too believe there is something wrong in America and that we are in danger as a people and a nation.

What do you believe?

Wake Up America!