"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Friday, October 15, 2010

They Better Not Lose Their Nerve!

New Republic: GOP Will Impeach Obama

Thursday, 14 Oct 2010
If Republicans win control of the House, they will impeach President Obama, according to Jonathan Chait of The New Republic. “They won’t do it right away. And they won’t succeed in removing Obama -- you need 67 Senate votes,” Chait writes. “But if Obama wins a second term, the House will vote to impeach him before he leaves office.”

As evidence, he cites Rep. Darrell Issa’s, R-Calif., remarks that the Joe Sestak scandal was an impeachable offense. The White House dangled a job possibility to Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sestak if he would withdraw from the primary against the White House’s favored candidate Arlen Specter. Sestak didn’t do it, and he beat Specter.

“Should Republicans win control of the House, Issa would bring his hair-trigger finger to the chairmanship of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee,” Chait writes. “The Sestak pseudo-scandal disappeared because there was no process to drive the story forward. Had Issa been running the Oversight Committee, it would have been the subject of hearings and subpoenas.”

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