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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Please Get This Info Out To Everyone You Know, And Ask Them To Pass It Along As Well

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I just came from a local 9/12 Project meeting where I met Dr. Juan Torres. Dr. Torres is a legal immigrant, originally from Ecuador and who recently gained citizenship status, who has decided that his love for this country required him to actively do something to promote liberty, freedom and the American ideals that originally drew him to America during the Reagan years. He said he has seen significant changes in the 20+ years since he first arrived in America and passionately discussed his disappointment and disillusionment with the Obama administration's stand on many issues - including healthcare, Arizona, and love of country, among others. So he, along with the technical help of Dr. E. Scott Bushnell, has designed a website to aid the Latino population in learning about, and understanding, the issues currently facing the country. The site provides conservative values and insight to the Latino population - many from South American countries, but not limited to them. Dr. Torres made the site live on July 4th, 2010 - how appropriate is that?

Dr. Torres is hoping to reach a minimum of 100,000 Latinos, but perhaps as many as a million, to spread the truth about what is occurring in America because he is afraid there are many Latinos in the country who are not knowledgeable enough about the system and the politics to discern the truth without the information this site provides. Given the complicit nature of the main street media, I can understand his concern. Dr. Torres explained that in his practice he administers to a large Latino population and that is the feedback he receives. He said there are 3.8 million Latinos in Florida alone, with as many as 30 million nationally. His goal of educating Latinos on the issues could be a huge influence on preventing Obama from getting re-elected.

Though the site was designed for Latinos, it has a myriad of information for every American. Follow this link to check it out. Latinos and Americans United - Defending America

Please pass this along through your own blogs and other social websites like facebook. Much appreciated and thanks!

Republic Restoration In Progress - No Stimulus Dollars Used Or Needed! Join The Project!


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    Thanks for putting this up at your site. The support of those like yourself for the true conservative Libertarian principles and causes it what will ultimately assure our resounding success!

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