"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flag Retreat Ceremony

I've heard about it, but never witnessed it. So many times I've been to Disney World and never really knew it existed. But I was honored to stumble upon it last night, at 5:00pm, as I was leaving the Magic Kingdom. As we made our way from Main Street to the entrance plaza just inside the park, we were greeted by a half dozen horns just starting into the song America, The Beautiful. The musicians were strung along the upper tier by the railway station. Upon completion they marched down the steps to the center of the plaza, where a huge American flag flew high overhead. And began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. A good sized group of us had congregated around the area, and proudly joined in. I had my three year old grandson with me, and he held his hand proudly over his heart. Very impressive! From there the band played the Star Spangled Banner, and as they did so, the honor guard standing by began to lower the flag. Upon completion of the Star Spangled Banner, and the lowering of the flag, there was a short tribute to the "veteran of the day" - on this day he happened to be from Mississippi. And then the band started into playing every one of the military theme songs. It was an awesome experience, and one I wish I was present for more often. I am told it is a nightly tradition, and I look forward to seeing it next time I'm at the park. If you have the chance, check it out!

Here's a sample of what you might see, but it's even better in person!

Stand With God, Stand For Liberty, Prepare To Fight For Both!


  1. Steve and I have seen this twice and once they had white doves fly off after the flag was folded. I loved it too!

  2. It was quite memorable for sure. I hope to catch it again... and again...