"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain!"

No one has been paying attention to them for decades, perhaps centuries. We better start paying attention, and finding out who they are, and what their ultimate purpose is, before those options are no longer available. Chances are the layers between them and us are so numerous that we may never know the truth. But I do know this for fact; if we don't start looking we definitely will never know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Doing some research today I came across mention of this alleged forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which caught my interest. It alleges a "plot" for world dominance by Zionists. There are claims that this book, published early last century in Russia, influenced the thinking of Adolph Hitler - thus his strong desire, and success, to eliminate the Jews.

I wanted to see where the 'teachings" in this book were connected to modern Islamic Extremists. In my search I came across this site, Radio Islam. This Website is huge! And though it claims to be anti-racist, the little I read before I got to my posting below clearly indicated that it tries to discredit Israel as a nation, and the aspiration of Jewish "elders" as well.

What I found fascinating was this passage about the founder of Radio Islam. As you will see, what struck me was the fact that what he is saying, albeit with a vent towards "blaming" the Jewish State, dovetails into my post yesterday regarding the international bank cartels, the Bilderberg group, the Tri-lateral commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

I don't necessarily agree with everything written in the article posted below. And don't for a minute get me wrong; I don't condone radical Islam, and in fact believe Islam is not a friend to America. (Naively or not, I do believe Israel is a friend to America.) But I equally fear the unseen forces that run our government and choreograph world events. Those unnamed architects living behind the organizations (and perhaps others) that I list above. We are in a world of hurt, my friends. More and more I'm feeling like David in his epic battle against Goliath. I liked how that one came out, and maybe that's why the story is in the Bible. It provides us hope in this particular time in history. Here's the article...

Ahmed Rami's idealism


"It doesn't matter at all, what government the country has. In reality the power is held by those, who own and control the financial assets of the country and the mass media. All Medias are completely judaized." - Ahmed Rami

After succeding in fleeing miraculously to Sweden, King Hassan II ordered that lieutenant Ahmed Rami was to be traced and brought back to Marocco. Rami had participated in at least two military coups aiming at abolishing the monarchy and founding an Islamic republic. The Moroccan secret service has not been able to execute the royal order.

Today this sympathetic, youthful and incredibly energetic man is one of the most popular persons in Sweden, but at the same time one of the most hated ones. His political views are discussed the Swedish parliament, and also - they tell us - in government circles.

Rami has written and published four thick books. In these he gives convincing reasons for his opinion that in Sweden - as well as everywhere else in the West - the bases of national life are undermined. The Western countries are in reality ruled by conspiring mafiosos, who have nothing in common with true democracy but are trying to carry into effect their malevolent aims, the introduction of a totalitarian "New World Order". Rami, who today is a Swedish citizen, never tires of repeating this in the transmissions of Radio Islam.

Naturally views of this kind are causing a noticeable irritation in the Establishment. A few years ago Rami, an (Arab and consequently himself a Semite) was prosecuted for antisemitism (!) and sentenced to prison, where he had to stay for six months. Curiously enough he has turned out to be the only political prisoner in Sweden.

In spite of all this Ahmed Rami is not a broken man and has in no way lost his spirit. The prison sentence has probably only strengthened his conviction of being right. The transmissions of Radio Islam continue, and the courageous Moroccan has no intention of giving up his struggle. To him it is important that "people in all countries should have the right of being independent and not having to submit to the oligarchy which has usurped the power for themselves".

What then is the basis of his conviction? What gives him the strength to say aloud what most people not even dare to think? Has he understood against whom he has lifted his hand, whom he has challenged? When I met Ahmed Rami, I could of course not refrain from asking these questions.

"Since my early youth I have stuck to my Islamic conviction. I have always been striving for equality and justice. For this reason I joined the Moroccan "People's Union", founded by Ben-Barka, who was later murdered by the secret police. King Hassan II is totally responsible for his death. He rules the country with medieval cruelty since several decades and is mainly a puppet of foreign powers, in the first place Israel and the USA, which is dominated by it.

You hear sometimes that Morocco is a "democratic monarchy". By that is meant - as usual today - in reality a judaeocracy. You can criticize whomever you want, only not those holding the real power. They always keep themselves hidden, and they must not be named at all.

The king cannot take a step without the Jew André Azoulay, a Zionist "adviser" from Canada. Azoulay - and people like him - now make the decisions in matters of state. Education, mass media and the whole of social life are regulated by these gentlemen, not by the Moroccans themselves. They decide upon the direction and upon what ideals the citizens should allow themselves to be guided by in their daily life. In this Arab country prevails the real Zionist censorship, which is called "democracy". The free will of the people and the free word simply does not exist. As a matter of fact, my life-experience has convinced me that the situation in other countries today is not much better.

In Sweden the brainwashing goes full speed ahead, and anti-Swedish valuations are forced upon people. Only the totally blind cannot notice this. The effect of Zionist intellectual terrorism and disinformation is that people deny the existence of a Jewish power at the same time as it scares them out of their wits! The Swedes can be proud of their high standard of living and rightly so, but they stubbornly refuse to realize what has been taken away from them.

The power over banks, mass media and commercial and industrial life is in the hands of a small group of "the chosen people". All education in schools and universities is carried on in a way, which is favourable to the "master race". In addition to this, the history of events not too far behind us is interpreted in the interest of "the peculiar people of the Lord". But the real truth is quite different from the one shown on TV or taught at school. And what kind of freedom, independence and democracy is this, when the power is in the hands of a few? Such is the situation in Sweden, too.

In the former government, the very important post of coordination minister was held by Jan Nygren, a representative of the Zionist mafia. In no way did he conceal that he felt like being the master of Sweden. In the "Jewish Chronicle" he published an article, in which he quite openly used the expression "my Jewish Sweden". This person had a lot of influence about who was to be in the government!

Now Nygren is out of the government, but in return they got another member of "the chosen people" as holder of the important post of assistant finance minister, Leif Pagrotsky. Today he is also minister of foreign commerce and as such an important representative of "the golden international"."

Stand With God, Stand For Liberty!

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