"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Thursday, September 30, 2010

1840: A Tale Of Two Parties - The Parasitic Host

This is all due to the Democratic Party eliminating that history from the textbooks. In my opinion, the Democrats have stolen the honor of the Abolitionists, Republicans and America by revising the history books in favor of political gain. - by Frantz Emmanuel Kebreau. You can read his article here

Perhaps reading this will give some young liberals a perspective on the brainwashing that has occurred in their lifetimes (and for generations prior to their lifetimes), and how America really is no longer the Land of the Free, but instead has morphed into the Land of Entitlement. Why we, our parents, or our grandparents were unaware of this is a problem in and of itself. But that can't be said any longer, provided this information is shared. So share; make everyone aware!

One Hundred and seventy years ago, approximately, the Democratic Party learned that they had no future if American history was allowed to be portrayed accurately. And so they changed it. And in doing so, they not only corrupted the thinking of Black America, who they continue to use for political leverage even to this day, but they have corrupted the minds of countless other Americans of every other ethnicity and nationality. This will make you wonder how, once the decision was made to propagandize the public school system, and the implementation of that decision was enacted, anyone could grow up conservative.

It's also interesting to note that only four years after this article was published, in 1844, a Democrat - James Polk - won the White House. And while in the subsequent 41 Presidential Elections, the Democrats have won only 17 elections, the Republicans 22, in the past 76 years (since 1932), the Democrats have won the Presidency 11 times, the Republicans only 9 times. During that same 76-year period, the Democrats have owned the Congress more than half the time (30 out of 40 sessions in the Senate, and 21 out of 40 sessions in the House) - usually with super majorities which have allowed them free reign - something the Republicans seldom had. And with that power, they controlled the laws and regulations, the huge expansion of government through entitlement programs, and the loss of liberty America has experienced - all while revising history to co-opt the young voters of America, and the minorities.

And people actually like the Democratic Party? Really?

Published: November 14, 1880
Copyright © The New York Times

The Democratic Party's Downfall
The Curse Of Slavery And Of The Secession Rebellion Pursuing It To its Grave
From Chicago Times, Nov. 7

The recent Presidential election has shown that there is an invincible reason why the Democratic Party can never win a national victory. It is that the youth of this Republic is not Democratic. The sons of Democratic fathers have grown up Republicans. So long as slavery and the war linger within the memory of Americans, the youth of the Republic will continue to grow up Republicans; and slavery and the war will be remembered as long as the public school system exists. The public schools have slain the Democratic Party with text-books.

It is vain for statesmen to claim that there were as many Democrats as Republicans in the Union Army. It is vain to affirm that the war for the preservation of the Union could not have been carried to a successful close without the assistance of the Democratic Party. It is idle for philanthropy to suggest that the attitude of that party toward the war in the beginning was a humane one; that it was inspired by a higher and better wish that the cause of the conflict should be peaceably removed, and the spilling of brothers' blood by brothers' hands avoided. The Democratic Party has been ideally identified with slavery and slave-holding. The Republican Party is ideally identified with emancipation and the war. Therefore the Democratic Party can never win a national victory. Its old men are dying away. The boys who catch the ballots that fall from their stiffened hands are Republicans.

This fact can not be denied. It will do no good to quarrel with it. All other causes that have operated to diminish the number of Democrats and increase the number of Republicans are insignificant beside the one tremendous and invincible fact. The curse of slavery has poisoned the blood and rotted the bone of the Democratic Party. The malediction of the war has palsied its brain...

...The children go to school. There is not a Democrat on its benches. The first reader contains the portrait of Abraham Lincoln; that kind and sturdy face never made a Democrat. In its simple pages, in words of one and two syllables, is told the story of his birth and death. That story never made a Democrat. In the pranks of the playground  the name silences the frolicsome and makes the jolliest grave. That name never made a Democrat. In the pictures that light up the geography are the firing on Fort Sumter and the death of Ellsworth. These pictures make no Democrats.The first page of the history contains a representation of the surrender of Lee at Appomattox. No boy gazes on that and ever after avows himself a Democrat.

In the higher grades the same subtle and unresisted influence is at work. The textbooks contain extracts from patriots' speeches during the war. These speeches make no Democrats. Sketches of the great Generals are given; their great deeds arouse the enthusiasm of the lads, but there is no Democrat among them. The horror and suffering of the slaves is told; the maddened blood that mounts the boys' cheeks is not Democratic blood.  The curse of slavery has pursued the Democratic Party, and has hounded it to its death. Therefore, let it die; and no lip will be found to say a prayer over the grass on its grave.

The late defeat need no be attributed to any other cause. Other causes were at work, but they were only incidental... The result was accomplished because the youth of the country is not Democratic. That party is, therefore, without a future and without a hope. the malediction of the war has palsied its brain. the curse of slavery has poisoned its blood and rotted its bone. Let it die. - (Author unknown)

And yet, this writer could not have been more wrong in his assessment of the Democratic Party's demise! Was it because of this article that a Democratic battle cry was sent throughout the land? Did this article have influence over the Democratic/Progressive plan to reshape history in our public schools? Did the Progressives of the day see an opportunity in this writer's observations that took devious root in the minds of those individuals which then led to the usurpation of the Democratic Party by the Progressives, and the propagandizing of generations of Americans through revisionist history?

Perhaps that's so. Likely, it is. But we have the opportunity now, because we know the truth, to change our textbooks back to more accurately reflect our nation's history. To more accurately reflect that the Democrats/Progressives have never been the friends of Black America, that indeed the Democrats have only been using Black America much as a parasitic host uses a body, and then discards it when there is no longer a use for that body.

Lot's of work ahead of us, but there is good news! We are uncovering more and more truth bit by bit, week after week, and enlightening person after person of it's existence. The truth, indeed ,shall set us free!

Stand With God, Stand For Liberty!
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