"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Benjamin Franklin;
"And when politicians find that honor and character matter less than buying votes and a constituency, that too will herald the end of the Constitution. When that happens we must work tirelessly to change their minds, or their occupation!" - Hoping The Blind Will See

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Handling Of Gaza Flotilla Crisis Called A ‘Disgrace’ - Newsmax

For anyone who might read this from Israel, or of Israeli descent, or for anyone sympathetic to the injustice Israel is currently enduring through abusive world opinion, I want to led my voice in support of Benjamin Natanyahu and the Isreali people in general. Know that 'our' president does not speak for the majority of Americans, as his opinion polls consistently demonstrate. And remember that his tenure in office is fast approaching an end. Persevere in your integrity and honor; and know that for now perhaps, at least until a new president is elected in America, Israel may be the next best hope of real liberty. We, America, will be back; do not discard your old ally just yet. In the meantime, God be with you...

Here's the article from Newsmax:

 The Obama administration reached “a new low” in dealing with Israel’s interception of a flotilla of ships seeking to deliver aid to Hamas-run Gaza, according to an op-ed piece in National Review.

Israel, which is blockading Gaza to prevent weapons smuggling, boarded six ships in international waters on May 31 to determine if the pro-Palestinian activists aboard were carrying weapons to Gaza. Gunfire erupted reportedly as Israeli commandos came under attack on a Turkish vessel.

But President Obama “has blessed the [activists’] project with success,” writes syndicated columnist Mona Charen in an article appearing on National Review’s website.

He signaled his support, according to Charen, “by declaring through Secretary of State Clinton that the blockade of Gaza is ‘unsustainable and unacceptable’; joining the United Nations Security Council in condemning “those acts which resulted in the loss of at least 10 civilians and many wounded’; and having a White House official tell the Washington Post that there is now a ‘general sense in the administration that it’s time to change our Gaza policy.’”

The convoy of ships set sail for Gaza from waters off the coast of Cyprus on May 30.

The administration let it be known that it had warned Israel to use restraint against the flotilla, “while issuing no warning to Turkey about supplying the convoy,” writes Charen.

She points to Obama’s failure to speak out in support of Iranian protesters who demonstrated against rigged elections, and his backing of a Hugo Chavez ally ousted from the presidency in Honduras, but adds:

“This week is a new low. Under Obama’s leadership, the United States has capitulated to terror tactics and the despicable temptation to blame Israel.

“America has always been the one country in the world that reliably countered the bullying and grotesque double standard much of the world applies to Israel. Obama has now joined the jackals. What a disgrace.”

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